LPG storage tanks

Mini-tank for LPG storage tanks

Mini-tank for LPG storage is a low-cost solution for heating of your country-house. The mini-tank is supplied with high-quality shut-off valves manufactured in Italy that secure its safe operation. Technical data on the Mini-tank for LPG storage:
  • Working environment – liquefied gas (propane, butane);
  • Working pressure 1,6 МPа (16,0 kgf/cm2);
  • Testing pressure 2,5 МPа (25,0 kgf/cm2);
  • Burst pressure of at least 5,0 МPа (50,0 kgf/cm2).
Design, testing, acceptance, marking, transport and storage in compliance with ПБ 03-576-03. Mini-tank for gas storage with the capacity of 480-900 litres is aimed for storage of liquefied gas. It will help you facilitate the autonomy of your country house for quite a long period. Mini-tank advantages:
  • Low cost of equipment and installation.
  • Doesn`t require costly excavation procedures.
  • Volume in 500-liter tank is equivalent to 10 50-liter LPG bottles. Filling with LPG truck-carrier.
  • Mini-tank (up to 600 l) installation next to wall of dwelling. (according to p.8.2.3 of regulations code for gas distribution systems СП13330.2011).
  • Possible mounting of mini-tank for LPG storage (volume up to 600 l) on trailer for autonomous filling at gas-filling station (as per “European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” it doesn`t require additional permits).
Equipment name
Equipment features
Coupling dimensions  (to tank)
Coupling dimensions (to system)
Liquid withdrawal valve
3/4” – 14 NPT
3/4” – 14 NPT (plugged)
Multiservice valve with pressure gauge
3/4” – 14 NPT
885” – 14 NGO-LH-INT
Filler valve
VRN 20
1” ¼ – 11.5 NPT
1” ¾-6 ACME 2G
Float gauge
Pressure relief valve (17,32 bar)
PRV 1128
3/4″ – 14 NPT
Optional:  Pressure regulator 10 kg/h (22-50 mBar) with adapter
internal 1/4″ NPT
internal 1/2″ NPT
Traditionally the large-size LPG storage tanks (of 2 000 litres and more) imply considerable prices that cannot be afforded by average owners of country houses, as well as costly underground installation. In these terms a mini-tank is an attractive option. Firstly, such a container involves a lot more viable capital expenditures. Secondly, when buying our mini-tank for gas storage you get rid of daily gas filling. Thus, the offered LPG storage tank volume facilitates from 2 weeks to 2-months of trouble-free heating (consumpion depends on the square footage of your house). Certificates and warranty: Mini-tank for LPG torage is certified in accordance with the standards of the Customs Union. Warranty period is  18 months. Service life is 24 years.
ModelV total (l)V useful (l)L (mm)Н (mm)А (mm)В (mm)Weight (kg)
BGZH 480/608-16Г 4804081810175100150131,5±8
BGZH 600/810-16Г600510135023550100166±13
BGZH 850/810-16Г8507201820235100150216±17

Technical characteristics of automobile cylinders:

  • Working medium
    liquefied hydrocarbon gas (propane);
  • Working pressure
    1.6 MPa (16.3 kgf/cm );
  • Trial pressure
    2.0 MPa (20.0 kgf/cm2);
  • High nozzles
    600 mm;
  • Warranty period
    18 months;
  • Service life
    24 years;
Design, production and quality control of cylinders is carried out in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. Certificate

Underground LPG storage tanks

Standard equipment of BGZH gas tanks…-1200/16
Equipment characteristics
Connecting size (to the tank)
Connecting dimension (to the system)
Filling valve
К 1 1/4”-11,5  NPT (К 1 1/4” ГОСТ6111-52)
К 1 3/4” ACME
Liquid phase valve with plug
К 3/4” -14 NPT (К 3/4” ГОСТ6111-52)
К 3/4” -14 NPT (К 3/4” ГОСТ6111-52
Underground vapor phase valve
К 3/4” -14 NPT (К 3/4” ГОСТ6111-52)
К 3/4” -14 NPT (К 3/4” ГОСТ6111-52
Safety valve (operating setting 15.6 bar)
PRV 1410
1”-11.5 NPT
Float level gauge
Advantages of gas tanks LLC “Balcity”
  • containers are certified;
  • containers are produced on modern Italian equipment;
  • shut-off valves of the reputable Italian company CAVAGNA Group are installed on the tank;
  • 100% radiographic control of welded joints;
  • thickness of steel 09G2S (5-6 mm) corresponds to GOST 34233.1-GOST 34233.1-2;
  • anti-corrosion coating.
Tank designationCapacity, lOverall length L, mmShell length, L1, mmOuter diameter Dn, mmHeight H, mmMetal thickness S, mmWeight m±100, kg
BGZH 2200/1200-1622002155±151480445÷515
BGZH 2700/1200-1627002600±151925510÷595
BGZH 3100/1200-1631002900±202220555÷648
BGZH 3900/1200-1639003640±202960665÷780
BGZH 4800/1200-1648004380±253700775÷910
BGZH 5600/1200-1656005120±2544001212±61960±505,0-6,0885÷1045
BGZH 6400/1200-1664005860±3051801000÷1180
BGZH 6600/1200-1666006050±3053701030÷1215
BGZH 7300/1200-1673006600±3044151110÷1310
BGZH 8100/1200-1681007340±3559201220÷1445
BGZH 8950/1200-1689508080±3566601335÷1580
BGZH 9800/1200-1698008820±4574001440÷1710
BGZH 10000/1200-16100009560±4581401550÷1840

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