Oxygen valve

Oxygen valve type VKB-20

Operating environmentOxygen
Outlet pressure not more than20 МPa
Mass gas flow rate, m 3/h, not less than50
Operating ambient temperature -50°…+60°С
Nominal thread diameter of attachment to tank W27,8
Body outlet fitting thread G3/4''-А ГОСТ 6357
Weight, not more than0,7 kg
Reliability rate: time to failure, not less than 3000 cycles
Average useful life, not less than6 years
The oxygen cylinder valve VKB-20 is designed for installation on oxygen cylinders with a working pressure of ≤20 MPa (200 kgf / cm2) and is a shut-off device during filling, storage and consumption of oxygen. It is allowed to use VKB-20 valves for installation on cylinders of neutral (compressed air, nitrogen) and inert (argon, helium) gases, subject to prior change of color of the flywheel.The Customs Union Certificates