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Balсity is a recognized leader in the Russian market for automotive cylinders for liquefied petroleum gas

Domestic gas bottles


Automotive tanks




Shut-off valves for LPG


Balcity LLC relies on the experience and established traditions in the development, production and operation of cylinders and containers for liquefied petroleum gas (propane, butane and their mixtures) and occupies a leading position in the Russian market.

Our company has a Permit of Rostekhnadzor of the Russian Federation for use and certificates of conformity for manufactured products, serially manufactures and supplies consumers with automobile cylinders, LPG storage tanks, household cylinders, as well as shut-off valves for them.

Automobile cylinders “Balcity” are certified in accordance with the international Rules UNECE 67-01 .


LLC Balcity is the exclusive supplier of automobile gas cylinders for the conveyors of the Gorky Automobile Plant, Pavlovsk Bus Plant, as well as the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

BALCITY in numbers:


we produce cylinders and containers for liquefied
petroleum gas






containers volume
from 30 to 10,000 l


In today`s fast-changing world we are happy to offer products that satisfy in the best way customers` needs and at the same time contribute to integrity of environment without challenging the well-being of future generations.


To produce high quality end reliable products at reasonable prices and contribute to well-being and happiness of people.

Advantages «Balcity»


Balcity LLC has been present on the gas cylinder equipment market for over 15 years. During this time, we have accumulated the necessary competencies and improved production technology. Continuous modernization of production and an emphasis on improving product quality have made us one of the leading players in the market.


Quality control takes place at all stages of production, from ordering raw materials to transferring finished products to the warehouse.
Taking into account the specifics of the manufactured products, the priority task in the work of BALCITY is to ensure the proper quality of products. All products in the manufacturing process undergo a full range of tests and are subject to 100% control (X-ray, hydraulic and pneumatic).

The quality management system of the enterprise in relation to the production, sale and supply of products is certified for compliance with the European standard ISO 9001–2015.
Balсity is the first manufacturing company from the CIS countries to receive European ECE R 67-01 certificates for its automobile cylinders.


Balcity LLC products are manufactured using high-tech Italian equipment.
LLC “Balcity” pays special attention to the modernization of production, which allows meeting the needs of the consumer and ensuring high quality products.

For 15 years, Balсity LLC has been cooperating with Italian companies that supply metalworking equipment. Among them are names such as FACCIN S.p.A., GALDABINI SPA, MECOME Srl, Roccia Srl, MG Srl, GNUTTI Transfer S.p.A, Mecolpress S.p.A., Lucas Srl. Employees of our company have the opportunity to learn from the experience of foreign colleagues.
By investing in advanced technology, we invest in customer satisfaction from our products.

Environmental friendliness

BALCITY products directly contribute to the use of clean fuels, be it automobile cylinders, household cylinders, or gas storage tanks. By making a choice in favor of liquefied petroleum gas, you care about the cleanliness of the air in your city. Let's take care of our planet together!